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Marble Kitchen Counter


Simplicity is the seal of truth.


Fireplace in Livingroom

We are a professional architecture + interior design studio that believes in simple sophistication.

Simple Sophistication is a design principle which means that solutions need to be simple, but not necessarily 'easy'. This unique approach to design has ensured that we work with only the most ambitious and sophisticated clients.

Honesty and simplicity are at the core of our design values. Therefore through the seamless integration of architecture, interior design and construction, our passion and experience produce the most transformative and holistic results in our contemporary architecture. 

We believe that buildings must engage the senses and inspire emotion. That's why we are more interested in the emotional response that a space evokes as opposed to buildings that are simply architecturally intellectual.

About Us

CLK Design Studio attracts clients who appreciate exceptional quality. This is why we offer a complete service from architecture, interior design, construction, management and landscaping.

By working with our clients all the way through to the completion of a project, we are able to offer a fully-integrated service which helps us save on time and cost and leads to a more streamlined process for our clients. Ultimately, we always seek to deliver beautifully designed and built spaces with the highest level of quality and care possible and within the client's desired budget.

We believe that architects are often needed where they are least afforded, and given that our passion is in providing beautiful and well-considered spaces for people; we offer our services from the high-end luxury market all the way to low-cost community projects. 

Our Process


Branding Materials

1 Inception + Ideation


2 Design + Detail


3 Build + Close


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