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Architectural Design + Process

Our design process is the synthesis of many distinct ideas into a thoughtful whole, and while the process listed below represents a linear path; the way we arrive at the final design solution isn’t always linear - It’s an iterative process, which leads to a well-considered architecture. The product is the result of following the design process to its logical endpoint. We create it together based on client-specific situations and needs.

Ultimately, our design process is meant to be fun, engaging, and democratic.  It involves sketches, drawings, computer models, lots of ideas, materials, thorough analysis, and some good humour. The best outcomes are the result of following each of the steps below to completion.


Quadcopter Drone

Nr. 01


We'll talk about your project and your vision. Book an appointment at our office and coffee is on us!

Image by Martin Wilner

Nr. 02


Based on your brief + budget, we prepare some awesome design concepts for you to choose from.

Grey Theme Objects

Nr. 03


We turn the idea into something that starts to look real + you get an amazing 3D visual of your building.

Image by Marvin Meyer

Nr. 04


We add more details + technical information to make it possible to turn your dream into reality.

Aeriel View of Noah's Ark

Nr. 05


We administer the building contract and conduct regular site visits to see construction progress.

Image by Everyday basics

Nr. 06


We manage the close out process, handover the keys and allow you to enjoy your new building.

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