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HERE'S the deal...​

Our design process is meant to be fun, engaging, and democratic.  It involves sketches, drawings, computer models, lots of ideas, materials, thorough analysis, and some good humour. The best outcomes are the result of following each of the steps below to completion.

Quadcopter Drone

Nr. 01

let's meet

We'll talk about your project and your vision. Book an appointment at our office and coffee is on us!

Image by Martin Wilner

Nr. 02


Based on your brief + budget, we prepare some awesome design concepts for you to choose from.

Grey Theme Objects

Nr. 03


We turn the idea into something that looks a bit real + you get an amazing 3D of your home to be.

Image by Marvin Meyer

Nr. 04


We add more details + technical information to make it possible to turn your dream into reality.

Aeriel View of Noah's Ark

Nr. 05


We administer the building contract and conduct regular site visits to see construction progress.

Image by Everyday basics

Nr. 06


We manage the close out process, handover the keys and allow you to enjoy your new home.


need any help?

If you need advice on a design detail, or some tips on how to design your kitchen or bathroom, or you just want to vent about a problematic builder, come through for some coffee. We got your back.