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Venter Pavilion.

Project No. 035A

Tucked away in the hillside of the Hout Bay woodlands, this pavilion home is a 5 bedroom, all-en-suite residence designed to be fully absorbed in its landscape, while delicately nestled in the tree tops. 

Project Details


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Hout Bay, Western Cape
850 m²


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Marble Kitchen Counter

Design Intent

Designed to not only house the family, but their extensive art collection, the home is in itself conceived as a piece of art as well as an art gallery - made possible by an impressive 65 m long wall that acts as the backdrop to the entry sequence. The V-shaped house is oriented to take full advantage of views, sunlight and wind direction, and thus creating in-between spaces that are protected from the elements.

The gravity defying cantilever hovers delicately over an entertainment patio that flows into the infinity lap pool, thus creating an oasis in the woods. 

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Set in a protected nature reserve, along a beautiful stretch of the Vaal river; Noah's Ark is a rural retreat boasting uninterrupted panoramic views of the Vaal river + an indigenous protected forest to the East.

The holiday home is conceptualised as a series of 5 blocks on two wings, arranged along a central protected courtyard and glass entrance foyer. The east-west gentle slope of the site created an opportunity to capture eastern river views, maximum north light + by minimising the width of rooms to be one room wide we were able to take advantage of prevailing winds for cross ventilation, thereby reducing reliance on mechanical systems.

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