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SANY Warehouse

Project No. 033

SANY Heavy Equipment is a pioneer of technology in the open pit mining machinery industry and aims to anchor its' global footprint with a new state-of-the-art facility in South Africa. 

Our response to the brief was for the development of a 10 000 m² Grade-A office and warehouse complex in line with SANY's international standards.

Project Details


Project Type

SANY Heavy Equipment
N12 Boksburg, Gauteng
10 000 m²

Commercial Industrial

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Design Intent

With full visibility and frontage along the N12 Highway, the site demanded a bold building that represented SANY's international standards. Thus, from the onset, our approach was to carefully consider the integration of the 800m² high-quality office with that of the sprawling 8000m² warehouse and 1000m² Heavy Machinery Maintenace Base.

In order to achieve this seamless integration, we employed the use of a 500m² in-door garden that connected the private office spaces above with the warehouse below. This green intersection also formed the main entry point to the warehouse.

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