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Molepo Dental Clinic

Project No. 043

Designed to serve the oral and dental needs of the semi-rural Mankweng community in Limpopo, Molepo Dental Clinic will be a breath of fresh air for the people and the urban environment in which it finds itself.

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Mankweng, Limpopo
300 m²

Health + Science

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Design Intent

For some, the thought of visiting the dentist is still a terrifying prospect. Our goal with this project is to reduce that initial anxiety and create a space that is both relaxing and inviting. Affording a high-quality experience for both medical staff and patients alike.

Accessed through a 'cavity' in the building, the ribbed facade not only represents the idea of 'white teeth' but serves to reflect the sun's heat away from the building - keeping interior conditions cool and comfortable.

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Located along a high-traffic regional roadway to the south (the R71), residential rental units to the north, an informal trade market to the west and student accommodation to the east; the lack of views and noise pollution were key challenges to deal with in the design resolution.

By using a central courtyard around which to organise the building program, the building effectively turned its back away from the sources of unpleasant noise and at the same time created internal views which can be enjoyed from all parts of the dental clinic.

In addition, the central courtyard acts as a light well, affording both patients and staff access to ample natural light and natural ventilation, which is an important consideration given Limpopo's hot and dry climate. 

The material palette of the building focuses on a monochromatic tone to reduce clutter and add to the feeling of tranquillity. Soft off-white painted walls, timber screens, monolithic terrazzo flooring throughout and brushed aluminium create a unified series of spaces that feel minimalistic, uncluttered and clinical.

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