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00 mm track and then to a GPS sensor handheld device. Then all available data was collected in a database in excel, generating a file. 3. Results 3.1. Quantification of species Analyzed samples were identified as follows: Spathodus araneus was identified in all of the samples from the places selected, with an average of 87.9%, while Globodera sp.1, A. domesticus and Lasiodiplodia theobromae were identified in 67.3%, 12.6% and 5.4% of the samples, respectively. Of the three “Elaeis” spp., E. oleifera and E. guineensis were identified in 100% and 97.5% of the samples, respectively. The general proportion of samples from each analyzed plant species was as follows: Glycine max 52.6%, E. oleifera (Spondias radlkoferi) 56.5%, E. guineensis (Annona muricata) 4.2%, Musa acuminata 1.3% and Elaeis guineensis 3.2%. The numbers of samples collected from the four main plant species in the studied area are shown in Table 1. 3.2. Survival rates of G. macrocarpa seeds The survival rate of G. macrocarpa was 23.5% after 12 h of treatment with each of the first four fungicides, and the 100% treatment did not influence the percentage of germination. The percentage of germination after 12 h was 26.2% for the seeds treated with the fifth fungicide, and the 100% treatment, which was previously used to calculate the average percentage, caused an increase in the percentage of germination to 50%. The percentage of germination of the first two fungicide treatments were significantly different from the 100% treatment, as was the average percentage for the 100% treatment (Figure 1). 3.3. The number of larvae recovered Number of larvae recovered from each sample after treatments with the different fungicides tested. The most effective treatment was the control, which showed no larvae, followed by the fungicide with the percentage of survival of 45.8% at 24 h and 100% at 24 h (Figure 2). However, the treatments that were more effective were those that were applied for 6 h. Treatment A (50% of survival) and E (



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